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diet for bone fracture healing

diet for bone fracture healing

a broken finger occurs when your fractureone of the bones in any of your fingers. your thumbs have two bones and your otherdigits have three bones. broken fingers are common injuries, due toa fall while playing sports, fingers getting caught in car doors, bending your finger inan awkward position, or other accidents. to treat your finger properly, you shouldfirst determine how severe your injury is. you can then apply home treatment before youhead to the nearest hospital. apply ice to the broken finger. wrap the ice in a towel and apply it to thefinger on your way to the emergency room. this will reduce swelling and bruising.

never apply ice directly to your skin. make a splint. a splint will keep your broken finger elevatedand hold it in place. to make a splint: take a long thin item, aslong as your broken finger, such as a popsicle stick or a pen. place it next to your broken finger, or havea friend or family member help you hold it in place. use medical tape to wrap together the stickor pen and your finger. wrap it loosely.

the tape should not squeeze or pinch yourfinger. if your finger is wrapped too tightly, thiscan cause additional swelling and cut off circulation to your injured digit. try to remove any rings or jewelry from brokenfinger for treatment. if possible, try to slide off any rings onyour finger before the finger swells. it will be much harder to remove the ringsonce your finger swells up and starts to feel painful. receive a physical from your doctor. your doctor will ask for your medical historyand perform a physical on you to get more

information about you and to see how the injuryoccurred. your doctor will check for deformity, neovascularintegrity, malrotation of the finger, and skin lacerations or injury. let your doctor do an x-ray of your brokenfinger. this will allow the doctor to confirm whetherthere is a fracture of the bone in your finger. there are two types of fractures: simple andcomplex. the type of fracture you have will determineyour treatment. simple fractures are breaks or cracks in thebone that do not break through the skin. complex fractures are breaks in which thebone sticks though the skin.

allow your doctor to splint your broken fingerif you have a simple fracture. a simple fracture is when the finger is stableand there are no open wounds or cuts on the skin of the broken finger. the symptoms will likely not get worse orcause complications with your ability to move your finger once it is healed. talk to your doctor about pain medication. you can take over-the-counter pain medicationto reduce swelling and pain, but you should still check with your doctor about which medicinesare right for you and how much you can take each day.

get a referral for an orthopedic surgeon orhand surgeon. if you have a compound fracture, bad break,nerve injury, or vascular compromise, your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeonor a hand surgeon. do not use your broken finger or hand untilyour follow-up appointment. use your non-injured hand for daily thingslike eating, bathing, and picking up objects. it’s important you give your finger timeto heal without any movement or disturbance of the splint. start moving your finger once it is out ofthe splint. as soon as your doctor confirms your fingerhas healed and it is out of the splint, it’s

important to move it around. if you keep it splinted for too long, or immobileafter it is out of the splint, the joint will stiffen and your finger will become harderto move and use. see a physiotherapist if your injury is severe. the physiotherapist can give you advice onhow to regain normal movement in your finger. she may also give you gentle hand exercisesyou can do to keep your finger moving and to ensure it regains its mobility. thanks for watching video. subscribe for health updates.

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