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cough variant asthma treatment

cough variant asthma treatment

asthma more than men. mindy: karen lusas pays close attention to the weather, pollen counts, and carpeted floors all because these things trigger her asthma. >> you can't breathe; you feel like an elephant's sitting your chest, and ah, the coughing

just gets worse and worse. if you have a cough that doesn't go away, and you've treated your allergies, you definitely need to be tested for asthma. mindy: and mercy medical center doctor kathryn boling says estrogen may contribute to adult asthma in women because in

children, asthma is more common in boys than girls until they reach puberty. >> that's when women start to become more numerous asthma sufferers than men do, and then after menopause, when estrogen decreases again, people's asthma will many times spontaneously

regress. they may not be totally better, but they do much better, they don't have as many attacks. mindy: doctor boling says if you have adult asthma, like karen, manage it by knowing your triggers, but what's most important, anyone with asthma

should always have an inhaler. >> we call it a rescue inhaler, and it's a broncho-dialator, because people still do die from asthma, and you need to have that inhaler someplace where you can get to it if you have a severe asthma attack and can't breathe.

mindy: advice karen says makes living with adult asthma much more manageable. >> this weather pattern here has been hard to get through, so since i know what my triggers are, i'll do my nebulizer in the morning. if i feel really tired at night,

i know that i'm not breathing well so i make sure i do a treatment before i go to sleep.

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