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corticosteroids for asthma

corticosteroids for asthma

hey, this is dr. gangemi and in this sockdocvideo i want to talk about asthma and exercise induced asthma. athletes needing inhalersand other drugs to get through the day, to get through a workout, needing to take a puffof something just so they can workout. if you have to do this, really think about what'sgoing on with your health that you actually need a drug just to give you the ability totrain. there's obviously something wrong if that's the case. right now there's aroundsix main categories of asthma drugs out there. one of the main ones is a corticosteroid.that's like flovent and qvar. if you're needing a corticosteroid to open up your bronchioles,open up your airways, then obviously you're lacking those natural corticosteroids thatare present in your body to allow you to let

that happen naturally. another major drugthat people take is the inhaler like proventil, albuterol. these are a generic type beta-2adrenergic type drugs that help to increase airflow to your lungs. they also have to dowith your adrenal glands too, that i'm going to talk about it in a minute. we also have two other major class of drugsof those six that are very common. histamines and another one called antihistamines andanother one called a leukotriene type drug which is a type of an anti-inflammatory typedrug. these drugs are typically needed when something is running your immune system down.if you're having an allergic response to something a histamine type drug is typically warranted.when your airways are basically constricting

from some histamine response whether that'ssomething that you're eating and might not even know about but also the air that youbreath. maybe you're having problems with the trees around you or grasses or pollenor something like that and it's constricting your airways. typically allergic responses are from underfunctioningadrenal glands or they're from digestive issues coming from your gut or from your immune system,issues with your t-cells and your b-cells and of course the gut has a major part ofyour immune system. over half your immune system is located within your digestive tract.and if you needed an anti-inflammatory, then you have to look at why you're not naturallyfighting inflammation in your body. are you

eating a lot of refined carbohydrates? areyou eating a lot of processed fats? these types of foods cause a lot of inflammationin your body. or are you doing something else to not deal with inflammation on your own? in other words eating a lot of beneficialherbs and spices like curcumin and boswellia and ginger that help fight inflammation naturally,or of course good fats like fish oil and pasture-raised beef, egg yolks, those sorts of things thatactually contain some really good, natural anti-inflammatory fats in them. but your adrenalglands have a major impact on asthma. so typically even though asthma is of course a lung issue,a lot of times it's coming from your adrenal glands. you push yourself too hard, you'renot recovering properly, you're training too

hard, you're maybe working too hard, you'renot sleeping well, you're eating poorly, there's just way too much stress in your life, you'verun your adrenal glands down and now you need an inhaler, or now you need a corticosteroidor some other type drug to help you dilate your bronchioles because your body can't musterup that function on its own to deal with it. so, it's really a warning sign, or it's sortof a wake up call you might say, that you're doing something wrong. you're not trainingproperly, you're not taking care of yourself properly, your health has really think about the big picture with asthma. don't just get addicted to an inhaler therest of your life or some other drugs so you can go and train or even just walk outsidewithout having some sort of asthma attack

or wheezing episode. i see the same thingin kids. i've seen a lot of kids and i always see a lot of kids in my office with asthma-likesymptoms. it's really common today because their adrenal glands are run down and theyhave immune systems issues. poor diet, too stressed out, and just not taking care ofthemselves. sometimes they just get addicted to the drugand then it just runs them down more and more. corticosteroids are going to run your immunesystem down. so, look at the whole picture of health and fitness when you're dealingwith asthma and exercise induced asthma and get yourself back in the game drug free hopefullyovertime. so don't just stop your inhaler, of course, or your asthma medication. talkto your doctor about it and maybe teach them

a thing or two. hope you enjoyed this video,lots more information on the sockdoc site on this topic especially but also sleep issuesthat help you recover better, training and diet, nutrition, injury treatment and preventionof course. that's the foundation of the sockdoc site. more videos on their way. hope you likeit. check you out next time. thanks for watching.

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