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controlling asthma

controlling asthma

>> i was 8 years old when inoticed i couldn't jump rope, run, like my friends. >> i've been coughing,been wheezy. i sneeze a lot. >> she had this continuoushacking cough. it was scary. she couldn't catch her breath. >> he got so sick at one point he ended up being brought to children's hospital by ambulance.

>> so i put her in the carto take her to the hospital, and she kept saying,"mom, we're not going to make it." >> the way he was i was saying, "man, he's not going to be able to have a, you know, just go to school. >> because after i had avery, my intent was to go back to work, and i never went back to work. i had to end up staying homebecause he was sick so often. >> and they diagnosedher with asthma. >> we just wanted himto be a normal kid.

>> asthma--it's a common problem, one that affects millions of children nationwide and causes many emergency visits and hospital admissions every year. but asthma doesn't have to ruleyour child's life. by consistently followingsome simple steps, you can do a great deal to reduce daily symptoms and help your child control their asthma. in the next few minutes, youwill hear from physicians who work with families every dayhelping them learn to best ways

to control their children'sasthma. you'll also hear from parentsand children who will describe how they have successfullybrought asthma under control. we'll cover the answers tocommon questions that many families have including,"what is asthma?" "how can asthma be controlled?" "what are the benefitsof asthma control?"

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