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controlling asthma naturally

controlling asthma naturally

home remedies i'm going to show you fivesimple remedies that i use in my own home to help soothe ease our cold andflu symptoms when we get sick i am not a doctor so please see a doctor do youthink you need one. ginger honey tea is a great way to boost your immune system the ginger and honey combination isamazing honey acts as a natural antibiotic and ginger helps the pain and inflammationwhich is great ! the lemon is also loaded with vitamin c can help boost yourimmune system so this is a great cocktail to kill a cold and flu. so iused about 1 cup of ginger root but you can use less he can handle the tastemuch and i peel the skin off and then i

cut it into little cubes, like this once you cut it into cubes you'll want to set it aside and grab some lemons i used about two lemons in this recipe but you can use more if you'd like. then you wanna take about a half acup to a cup of honey depending on your desired taste and add it to about 4-5 cupsof water just put it all in the pot together. you can add the honeyafterwards if you like but i like to add it while it's boiling then bring it to aboil and let it boil for about twenty twenty-five minutes and then you'reready to pour it into your cup it'll make a whole pot that's enough foreverybody in the family or have lots left over throughout the day

natural cough syrup, this is just one ofmy recipes but this is the one that i am going to make today. so this one is supersimple it only has a few ingredients the first ingredient is an organic lemon orlemons! you'll need multiple . raw organic honey cold pressed organic coconut oil , andoptionally cayenne pepper. so one and a half cups of honey ( raw organic honey) half a cup of coconut oil and then you'll want tostrain it any seeds so however you want to do this i used this to strain out any seeds, and just squeeze them in i used about three to four lemons and you'llnotice it won't combined very well so you'll need to place it on the stove onlow-medium heat, you're not trying to

boil it you're just trying to combineingredients and you'll notice the consistency will change and it will becombined! that is all you're trying to do! and then pour it into your jar and it'sready for use you can add your cayenne pepper at this point by the way!but i'm leaving it out for the kids , and then your done! peppermint tea! now this is kind of anatural remedy because its natural but peppermint tea is amazing to help withreducing fever nausea cough's um it has many other benefits but it's just a reallysimple easy way to help relieve some of those cold and flu symptoms, so i thoughti'd add it in for you guys! oregano immune booster! oil of oregano is known to be antibacterial,antiseptic

antiviral, and immune stimulating its high in omega-3 iron and antioxidants which makes you great super set up to killthose cold and flu symptoms it'll give you instructions on the backof your bottle but this one says three to five times...* three to five drops threeto four times daily. garlic honey on a spoon this is more of a quick tip thananything but it's just crushing up half a clove of garlic putting it on atablespoon adding some raw organic honey and then taking it just like that itwill help boost your immune system take it once or twice a day

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