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common asthma medications

common asthma medications

hey, guys, dr. axe here, founder of draxe.comand doctor of functional medicine. in this video, i'm going to share with you the topherbs and supplements and diet to naturally treat asthma. if you've ever struggled withasthma, you know that it can be really a debilitating condition. it can really affect your lifein many different ways. people can really sort of live in fear of having that asthmaattack. but i will tell you this, that there are some things you can do that can reallyhelp eliminate asthma by about 99%, if you follow the steps that i lay out for you inthis video. the first thing you want to do if you haveasthma is take a good look at your diet and eliminate foods that cause food sensitivitiesand foods that really cause your body to produce

more phlegm. so food sensitivities, the mostcommon ones include things like wheat products or grains. any type of grain, for the mostpart, especially gluten-containing grains, those can cause food sensitivities. dairyproducts, especially because of a1 casein, found in a lot of conventional dairy, thatcan cause food sensitivities. also things like soy and corn and peanuts, those can causefood sensitivities. you may even go and get a testing done toget an igg and an ige antibody test done, to see what foods you're reacting to. it'ssomething that most doctors can do, especially a doctor of functional medicine. you can gosee them, and they can lay out this test for you. or in fact, you can even look up iggtest online on google, and you can actually

find a test and take it at home and get yourresults back in a couple of days. so number one, know your food sensitivities. number two, eliminate foods that cause phlegmbuildup, especially sugar, excess sugar consumption, along with dairy, and then even things likebananas. those things are phlegm producing. eliminate those from your diet. now, the diet that you want to follow to helpeliminate any type of phlegm and help reduce asthma symptoms is going to be a diet that'sgoing to be high in vegetables, fruits, easily digestible protein, and omega-3 fatty vegetables and fruits, the reason they're beneficial, they're not going to cause youto produce phlegm. also, they're high in enzymes

and phytonutrients, which help eliminate phlegmand really open up your airways, and they reduce inflammation. especially, citrus fruitsare great. pineapple is great. but again, loading up on the vegetables and fruits shouldbe the core of your diet. the next thing would be think warm foods likebone broth soup. those warming foods help open up your capillaries. they are very easyto digest. so a big bone broth soup is an ideal meal for somebody. bone broth soup isgreat because bone broth contains amino acids of proline and glycine, and glycine reallyhelps support the liver, also supports the lungs, helps open up those airways. so again,if you've ever heard chicken soup is good for the soul or chicken soup is good whenyou're sick, the reason being is when you're

sick, think about it, you've got congestedsinuses, bronchitis, and congested chest, and bone broth helps open up those a bone broth soup on a regular basis should also be at the core of your diet. and last, but not least, omega-3 fatty-acid-richfoods, chia seeds, flax seeds, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, getting more omega-3 reducesinflammation and can definitely help asthma. now, the top supplements you want to consider,if you really want to support your body in healing asthma, are going to be quercetinis one of the best. quercetin is found in citrus fruits, so adding in oranges and grapefruitand lemon and those sort of fruits into your diet, a great place to start with asthma typically.

also, the supplement bromelain, bromelainactually does come from the core of a pineapple, so consuming some pineapple, you're goingto get some bromelain. or you can take a bromelain supplement. there's also a supplement combination that'spowerful, effective at treating asthma, and that's a combo of n-acetyl-l-cysteine andvitamin c. n-acetyl-l-cysteine, or nac, is the precursor to glutathione, and glutathioneis an antioxidant that really helps support respiration and detoxification of your n-acetyl-l-cysteine, typically about 500 milligrams, with vitamin c, that combinationof nac with vitamin c is a powerful combination at actually helping heal asthma.

and then last thing i want to mention herewith asthma is also taking essential oils that can support the airways. if you are havingasthma issues, sometimes taking a mixture of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil can bebeneficial. but you always want to test it on your body first because for most people,it helps open up their lungs, but i know sometimes people with asthma, they tend to react todifferent things. and that's a similar thing with the citrus fruit. i mentioned that quercetinis amazing, typically, for people with asthma, but again, if you're sensitive to something,you obviously do not want to use that if you have asthma. but again, if you can follow those tips, iguarantee you're going to see great results

in relieving your asthma. if you want to learnmore about natural asthma treatments, cures, and remedies, make sure to check out the dr.axe website. just search asthma. that's also, hey, make sure you subscribe here toour youtube page. i've got a lot more videos coming out on natural cures using food asmedicine. hey, guys, this has been dr. axe. thanks for watching.

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