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comfrey for bones

comfrey for bones

the pionus parrot is often overlooked becauseit seems drab-looking, but these parrots are great family pets. pionus look like small amazons and they bothhave similar traits. pionus tend to be quieter and not as agressiveas amazons. however, male pionus still tend to be moreaggressive than females, especially during breeding season. pionus also tend to bond to a whole familyrather than just one person like the amazon. pionus are also capable of talking, thoughthey don’t usually have a wide vocabulary. their voices are soft and a bit raspy, butif you listen closely, they can be enjoyable

communicators. pionus are also rather quiet, so they makea good pet if you are living in an apartment but wish to have a larger pet bird. pionus also don’t crave attention. they do need daily interaction, but they areindependent enough to be happy playing on their own as well. these are great companion parrots that shouldnot be overlooked! name pionus (pionus), blue-headed pionus (p.menstruus), bronze-winged pionus (p. chalcopterus), dusky pionus (p. fuscus), maximilian’s pionus(p. maximiliani), white-capped pionus (p.

senilis)origin central and south america size 9-13″, 200-280 gramscolor differences most pionus are predominantly dark green with a range of brighter colorson their head and wings. some subspecies are dark blue and bronze incolor. owner pionus are good for first-time owners. lifespan 35+ yearsnoise pionus are quieter than amazons and therefore make a good pet for someone livingin an apartment that wants a larger bird. qualities quieter and less aggressive thanamazons, males tend to be more aggressive than females (especially during breeding season),good family pet, tend to bond with the whole

family, capable of learning a small vocabulary,have soft, raspy voices, friendly, outgoing, some are shy and nippy, not overly demanding,make a wheezing sound when frightened, may make a growling sound when they feel threatened,love to bathe daily, can be high strung and a bit nervous, good pet for a home with children. abilities good – pionus are capable of talking,but their vocabulary isn’t as good as the amazons. interaction/time requirements pionus needdaily interaction, but are also independent enough to play on their own. diet they need a diet for medium birds andare prone to obesity, so a proper diet is

a must. your pet bird needs a certain type of parrotdiet. there is no one-type-fits-all when it comesto your bird’s nutrition. feeding your bird the right parrot diet isabsolutely essential to his health (and lifespan!) feeding your bird seed and water just isn’tgoing to cut it. and feeding different types of birds the samediet doesn’t work either. it’s important to provide a diet that issafe, healthy, and yummy. packaged bird food comes in all shapes, sizes,colors, and ingredients. so, it’s important to know what is the bestparrot diet for your individual bird.

when shopping for food, there are a lot ofthings you need to take into consideration. the best for your bird birds follow a very similar diet plan thatwe do. here is the recommended diet percentage foreach type of food that should be a part of your bird’s diet: grain products – 50% of dietvegetables and fruits – 45% of diet dairy and meat – 5% of dietseed and nuts – &1% of diet whole grainswhole grain products provide your bird with the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, andvarious minerals and vitamins.

there are a lot of different products thatare good for your bird, just remember to choose the whole grain type instead of the white. recommended grain products bagels (low-salt)buckwheat and kasha cereal (low-sugar) (i.e. cheerios, chex, kix, life, etc.)crackers (low- or no-salt) cream of wheat (and rice)matzo melba toastnoodles and pasta (i.e. macaroni, ravioli, spaghetti, etc.)oatmeal

pearl barleypretzels (low- or no-salt) quinoarice (i.e. brown, wild, etc.) tortillastriticale wheat berriespellets pelleted diets are made by combining a varietyof healthy ingredients into a mash and then creating pellets of different shapes, sizes,colors, and flavors. pellets offer a more balanced nutritionalparrot diet for your bird in a form that is easy for you to serve and reduces the chancethat your bird will pick through his food and avoid the healthy food he really needs.

pellets have replaced the old seed-only dietand now are offered as the primary base diet for many parrots (but should not be offeredalone). if your bird is on a seed-only parrot diet,you will need to convert him to a pelleted diet. please see our parrot seed to pellet conversionarticle for more information. diet mixesbecause feeding your bird a variety of foods is best, there are mixes available that includewide ranges of different types of food. they can include seeds, dried fruits and vegetables,nuts, whole grains, and more. if you honestly don’t have enough time tooffer your bird a fresh parrot diet variety

all the time, diet mixes can be a great thingto have on hand. however, keep in mind that offering healthypellets and fresh food on a regular basis is still necessary for your bird’s nutritionalvariety and health. vegetablesvegetables are a very healthy and important part of your bird’s parrot diet. most vegetables are best served cooked, butsome can be served raw. always wash vegetables thoroughly before servingand chop them into appropriately sized pieces. you can use canned, frozen, and freshly cookedmixed vegetables. make sure when you use packaged vegetablesthat they don’t contain added salt.

recommended vegetables alfalfa sprouts (you can sprout them yourself)asparagus (cooked) arugulababy corn bamboo shootsbanana peppers beans (cooked) (i.e. adzuki, butter, garbanzo,green, haricot, kidney, mung, navy, pinto, pole, soy, wax, etc.)bean sprouts beetsbell peppers broccolibroccoliflower cabbagecarrots (including tops)

cauliflowercayenne celerychard chayotechicory cherry pepperchili peppers cilantrocollard greens corncomfrey cucumberseggplant (ripe and cooked) endivegarlic ginger rootjalapeno peppers

kalekohlrabi leekslettuce lentils (cooked)mustard greens okraparsley peas (i.e. green, snow, sugar snap, etc.)peppers (i.e. chili, green, jalapeno, poblano, red, serrano, yellow, etc.)potatoes (cooked) pumpkin (cooked)pumpkin seeds (cooked) radishessoybeans spinach (in moderation)sprouts

squash (i.e. acorn, butternut, hubbard, etc.)sweet potatoes (cooked) thai peppertomatoes (cooked and dried) watercressyams (cooked) zucchini food_fruit fruitsfruits are another healthy and necessary part of your bird’s parrot diet. keep in mind that fruits have more water contentthan vegetables, so your bird’s droppings may be more runny after feeding him fruit. and make sure to always thoroughly wash allfruits before serving them.

recommended fruits apples (remove seeds and stem)apricots (remove pit and area around the pit) bananas (remove peel)blackberries blueberriescactus fruit cantaloupe (no rinds)cherimoya cherries (no pits)clementine oranges coconutscranberries currantsdates figsgrapes (i.e. black, green, red, etc.)

grapefruitguava honeydew (no rinds)kiwis kumquatslychee lemonsloquat mandarin orangesmangoes nectarines (remove pit and area around thepit) orangespapaya passion fruitpeaches (remove pit and area around the pit) pears (remove seeds)pineapple

plantainsplums (remove pit and area around the pit) pomegranateraisins tangerinesdairy & meat (5% of diet) food_dairy dairyeven though parrots are lactose intolerant, they can still have some dairy in moderation(small amounts!) dairy products provide an excellent sourceof calcium, so they should be included as a very small part of your parrot’s diet. recommended dairy products cheese (used in cooking only)(cheddar has highest fat and calories)

cottage cheeseeggs (including clean shells) yogurt food_meat meatyes, birds eat meat. and it’s good for them! most parrot species are seen eating insectsand larvae in the wild. in order for your parrot to get a good amountof protein, a small amount of meat is good. meat must always be cooked thoroughly beforeserving–never rare. if you are cooking meat that has bones, youcan give the bones to your parrot with the meat–some species of parrots like to crackopen bones to get to the marrow (which is

high in iron and other good nutrients). recommended meat products chickenfish (remove bones) lambliver ribs (beef)roast beef (well done) salmon (water packed canned is best)steak tuna fish (water packed and low sodium)turkey seed & nuts (<1% of diet)food_seed seed even though seed is a natural part of parrotdiet in the wild, it doesn’t even make up

half of what they eat. most wild parrots eat leaves, stems, vines,shoots, vegetables, fruits, seed, flowers, insects, and insect larvae. bird in captivity have the same dietary needs,so feeding your bird an all-seed diet is simply not enough. seed is high in fat and full of oil. many parrots become obese from seed dietsas well as contract fatty liver disease. seed is low in many vitamins and minerals,so feeding your bird a seed diet can cause all kinds of deficiences as well.

seed is good for an occasional treat and isgreat to use as treats during training. other than that, seed is not good for yourbird and you should instead focus on feeding him a variety of the foods mentioned above. food_nuts nutsmost parrots love nuts, so they are great for use as treats during training. depending on the size of your bird, you canfeed him nuts that are whole or chopped, but make sure you use unsalted nuts only. although nuts have many nutrients, they arealso high in fat, so this is another food that needs to be fed only in moderation.

you can also create a variety of differentnut butters using any of the recommended nuts below (just pop them in your food processor!) recommended nuts almondsbrazil nuts (whole only for x-large parrots) cashewsfilberts hazelnutsmacadamia (high in fat) peanutspecans pine nutspistachio nuts walnuts

these foods are toxic to all birds and shouldnever be fed to them under any circumstance! alcoholavocado caffeinechocolate fruit pits and the flesh around them (containcyanide) rhubarb

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